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About us

Thymbra is an IT company specialized in ERP and Medical Informatics, committed with Free Software since its beginning in 1999. Our goal is to maximize the performance, security and availability for your Enterprise. Our offices are in Spain and Argentina, with projects in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Our Medical Informatics division develops open source solutions for doctors, institutions, NGOs and country health services. A good example is GNU Health.

GNU Health is a free Health and Hospital Information System, developed by Thymbra staff who ceded to the NGO GNU Solidario in 2011. GNU Health is the winner of several international awards, including the Free Software Foundation award for "Best Project of Social Benefit". GNU Health is an official GNU Package and the Hospital Information System adopted by the United Nations University, International Institute for Global Health, for the implementations and trainings. We make special emphasis on helping out developing countries in improving their population health campaigns, epidemiology studies and socio-economics of their people. Proper health care must be universal for everyone of us, no matter where we live.

Thymbra has been committed with Free Software since its beginning. In 1999 Thymbra made the first SAP installation on GNU/Linux in Latin America and today is leader in number of installations in this environment.
In the year 2005 Thymbra created Torre de Hanoi, the Research and Development department for business solutions with Free Software.
Thymbra was the first OpenERP partner in Spanish America.

Today Thymbra gives GNU Health services including development, localization, implementation and training for the Latin America and Spanish market.

Thymbra Silver Sponsor - GNUHealthCon 2017